Janpo Precision
End Mills
JANPO has been supplying high-precision and professional cutting tools for many years & continues to develop industry-leading solid carbide end mills.
Oil Mist Collector
The KONTON oil mist air cleaner is easy to install, and suitable for all oil mist generated from working machines.
Myday Machinery
Flat-bed Lathe
The 3A Series Oil Country Lathe made by MYDAY is a special lathe machines designed for the processing of long metal workpieces, such as segments of drill strings.
Posa Machinery
Precision Spindle
POSA's built-in spindle design is highly excellent. The BMS-40S-1 built-in spindle is of 18,000 RMP, and the taper is 40.
Proma Machinery
Cylindrical Roll Grinder
The PROMA H type CNC roll grinder is an advanced grinding machine in the sector.
Ring Sun Machinery
Chip Conveyor
Ring Sun Machinery has a professional R&D team to provide customized steel belt conveyor and plant planning conveyor system services to customers with different demands.
Shing Tai
Productive Precision Press
Shing Tai LH1 and KD series are two famous models that are highly appraised by users all over the world.
Shye Towen Machinery
Hydraulic Servo Lathe
The STM-STM42C3 CNC lathe manufactured by SHYE TOWEN is equipped with advanced servo driven turret.
Sunny Machinery
Column Type Surface Grinder
Sunny Machinery's super two heads precision double column slideway and surface grinder, SGS-T7018PNC, is a state-of-the-art product that can process various kinds of workpieces.
Angle Line System
Sunrise ALS angle system is the latest model designed with ease of operation for operators.
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